Urumqi Air stewardess suspended for eating leftovers, netizens angered by company's decision

An Urumqi Air stewardess was suspended after a video of her eating leftovers from a flight went viral on social media.

In the video, the attendant could be seen wolfing down spoonfuls of food from a tray, one of many placed in a row. 

Urumqi Air has issued an official statement following the incident.

In its statement, Urumqi Air explained that the food was leftovers from a flight and the worker had been suspended for not following standard procedure.

The company’s decision, however, angered netizens, many of whom wondered why eating leftovers was a mistake severe enough to warrant a suspension. 

Netizens also criticised whoever shot the video and shared it online, reports Shanghaiist.

One netizen wrote: "In this situation, I think what is most disgusting is the person that posted the video."