Zhengzhou man throws snake inside bus and runs away after driver tells him no pets allowed on board

It's 'Snakes On A Bus' for some passengers in ZhengZhou, China, after one man decided to dump his pet reptile on board.

According to Shanghaiist, he tried to enter the bus carrying a plastic cage with a black and yellow snake inside.

The driver jumped out of his seat in fright and barred the man from stepping foot on board.

The man tried to reason with the driver, saying that the snake was his pet and not venomous , but the driver would not budge.

The man retaliated by saying, "I don't want this snake," while flinging it inside the bus and abruptly taking his leave.

All hell broke loose. 

All the passengers went in a panic to get off the bus. Everyone disembarked, including the driver, leaving only the snake inside. 

Not knowing what else to do, the driver decided to put aside his fear, boldly grab the snake and put it back inside its cage.

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