Woman horrified when missing cat returns with part of its ear cut off and stitches on its tummy


Stomper Valerie alerted Stomp to the fact that the Stomper's cat may have been spayed and not abused.

According to the Cat Welfare Society, they provide free sterilisation for cats through the Stray Cat Sterilisation Programme (SCSP) that is co-funded by the Agri-food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore and supported by the Town Councils.

All cats sterilised through SCSP have their left ears tipped and is a universallly recognised way of marking a sterilised cat so that it is not neutered twice.

Tipping is done during the sterilisation surgery while the cat is still under anaesthesia.

Referring to the photos sent in by the Stomper, this may explain what happened to her cat.

Original article:

Stomper Valentine's cat went missing from Lorong Gembira four days ago but when it returned to her today (May 23), she was more devastated than relieved.

To her horror, a portion of her cat's ear was cut off and someone had shaved its belly and removed one of its nipples.

The Stomper was in tears when she talked to Stomp over the phone:

"Four days ago, my cat went missing.

"I called for her and looked for her everywhere but I couldn't find her.

"When she came back today, I was shocked.

"I cried, 'Oh my God, what happened?'

"She seemed like she was crying when she came back to me.

"I then saw that part of her ear was cut off and someone had cut and sewn part of her stomach.

"Who could be so cruel to do this?"

She added that her cat was now frightened and aggressive towards her now after going through its abusive ordeal.

Valentine wanted to share her story to plead with people not to abuse cats in this heartbreaking way.