Who's hotter, girls? 'Superstar' Steven Lim Kor Kor vs new contender 'Timstar'

Social media can make you go viral, and these days there are many who make use of that to look for a potential girlfriend.

A video uploaded by Timstar shows the topless guy flexing his arms and abs, and asking for viewers to "tag a friend who is single and a girl".

It has already garnered 4 million views and counting.

Kind of reminiscent of our very own, locally-famous, 'Superstar' Steven Lim kor kor, who posted a viral video of him looking for a girlfriend.

'Superstar' vs 'Timstar', who would you go for?

"I have a six-pack and I am looking for a girlfriend," Timstar quips in his latest video on May 9.

According to his YouTube channel, he is a 25-year-old born in China, raised in Sydney, and is 1.8 metres and 72kg.

He proclaims that he is a part-time body builder and also an actor, singer and dancer.

Not sure how effective his methods are but hey, it got him a ton of attention. Timstar also frequently posts photos of himself with women and how many people recognise him on the street.

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