What kind of a student lives in a mansion like this?

Gone are the days of the "struggling student".

One of Vancouver, Canada's most expensive homes sold for a record $31.1 million (S$33 million) -- to a Chinese "student".

According to Shanghaiist, property records show that Tian Yu Zhou owns 99% of the 14,600 square-foot mansion equipped with five bedrooms, eight bathrooms and picturesque views of Vancouver's North Shore mountains.

Documets list his occupation as "student".

The owner of the other 1% is Cuie Feng, a "businesswoman".

The home's sale has got the internet buzzing on how a student with little to no visible income could be able to splurge on a luxury mansion.

The Canadian New Democratic housing critic David Eby said:

“It’s incredibly strange that a student would be able to afford such a luxurious and multi-million-dollar property.” 

“This is part of a trend of homemakers and students mass-buying property. 

"I don’t know how that can be possible with the income of homemakers and students typically have, which is close to zero.”

Shanghaiist also compiled some comments by netizens:

"I'm a student too. I live with five other people in a 16-square-meter dorm room, but I pay much less than $31 million. Do you want to trade?"

"I can't wait to find out which government official is this kid's father."

"Those prices are about the same as the real estate market in Beijing or Shanghai. Not a big deal." 

"Why do you need so many bathrooms?" 

Why indeed.