What did this driver do? Parked car gets not 1 but 2 wheels clamped along Everton Road

Stomper Dave noticed a Malaysia-registered car along Everton Road that had gotten its wheels clamped yesterday afternoon (May 5).

It is unclear what offence the driver had committed to warrant the wheel-clamping.

Dave said that the vehicle was on a public parking lot and did not appear to be illegally parked.

Dave told Stomp in a phone interview:

"I was at Everton Road yesterday at around 4pm when I walked past the parking lots.

"I saw this particular vehicle which was parked at one of the public parking lots. The wheels of the vehicle were locked up with metal chains and padlocks.

"I pass by this area quite often but it's the first time I'm seeing like that. Usually drivers just get fined when they commit a parking offence but this one had all the chains and locks.

"Also, even if you get your wheel clamped, it's usually just one wheel instead of two like this one."