Uncle caught red-handed taking photos of girl on MRT

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A middle-aged man was caught taking photos of a girl on a train travelling on the North-South line.

Stomper Regina was sitting in the same cabin as the man when she noticed that he was acting suspiciously.

At first she thought that he was just testing his phone's camera function but soon realised what he was doing after moving closer to him.

Said Regina:

"I stood behind him for a while and saw that he was snapping photos of the girl sitting opposite him.

"He was even zooming in on her face.

"He didn't notice that I was behind him because he seemed to be very focused on what he was doing."

Regina then went up to the girl to tell her that the man was taking photos of her and that she should move to another cabin.

"I don't know if she moved but when I alighted at Khatib MRT station, she was staring at the man," said the Stomper.