Tourist raves about how wonderful Singapore is -- and one gentleman proves her right with his kind acts

Stomper anon's friend, who is currently visiting her from overseas, has been met with warmth and kindness in her time here so far.

She already had a good impression of Singapore and its people to begin with, and what happened when she encountered problems as a tourist only served to fuel that positive impression.

Said the Stomper:

"I am writing in on behalf of my friend who is visiting me from overseas.

"She has been raving about how wonderful this city is and how nice, polite and kind the people of Singapore are. Today, she witnessed it yet again.

"She was travelling from Jurong East Bus Interchange to the east, and a very kind gentleman not only helped her figure out the stops.

"When boarding the bus, she realised that she didn't have the correct change (she had a $5 note as opposed to $2.50) and the man paid for her fare in full.

"She insisted on paying him back, but he refused to take any money from her whatsoever and wished her a pleasant stay in Singapore.

"My friend wanted to speak with him again before he alighted, however, the bus got crowded and she couldn't convey her gratitude one more time. He was wearing a blue shirt with printed on it.

"If you do read this, Uncle, you are an amazing person and have left a profound impression of Singapore on my friend. She is very thankful to you for your kindness. God bless you."