These 'Emo Chinese New Year Guy' memes will crack you up

A series of hilarious Chinese New Year themed memes have been circulating around Facebook.

These hilarious memes, entitled "Emo Chinese New Year Guy" was posted by user Belveen Singh.

Along with the brilliant memes, he also included a note which says "Everyone's posting reunion dinner pictures and I'm here making memes because you wouldn't reunite with me :("

Posted on Chinese New Year's Eve (Feb 7), the post has since garnered almost 1,200 likes and a huge flood of comments.

With witty examples like how Chinese New Year lanterns do little to light up his life, netizens are clearly entertained by Belveen's memes.

Last year, the Facebook user also posted Diwali and Star Wars editions of the "Emo Guy", garnering a huge amount of likes, shares and comments.

Hats off to Belveen for his creativity aptly applied to these CNY festivities!

Check out the gallery below.