Stomp Team receives Public Spiritedness Award from SCDF for act of kindness

The Stomp team, led by Editor Azhar bin Kasman, received the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) Public Spiritedness Award today for helping an elderly man who had fallen down while crossing the road.

The Public Spiritedness Award is given out to members of the public who have displayed courageous or outstanding deeds that save lives.

SCDF Assistant Director of Public Affairs Department LTC Leslie Williams presented the Stomp team with the award this afternoon at Singapore Press Holdings News Centre.

On 7 March, Mr Azhar and his team were driving out for a late lunch when the incident happened at around 4.30pm at the junction of Braddell Road and Bishan Road, opposite the SPC petrol station.

An elderly man was crossing the road halfway when the lights had turned green for the motorists. He stopped and stood at the crossing in front of a lorry, and suddenly fell on his back. Some vehicles had started to move off even though the old man was still lying on the road.

Mr Azhar and his colleagues, whose vehicle had been behind the lorry, stopped their car and turned on the hazard lights, before getting down to assist the elderly man. The lorry driver and his passenger also alighted from their vehicle to help carry the man to the side of the road where there was less traffic.

Mr Azhar then called the ambulance, and waited with the elderly man until paramedics arrived.

Mr Azhar said: “I was surprised when I heard about the award. I feel honoured, but the reason why we shared this story is to inspire others to help people in need whenever they can. In fact, there are many people out there more deserving of this award because of the kind deeds they have done. Often, their acts go unnoticed. So, we have a section on Stomp called Get Inspired to pay tribute to these unsung heroes."

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