Steven Lim goes crazy in eating contest against personal trainer who wolfed down 4kg of chicken rice

'Superstar' Steven Lim 'Kor Kor' recently went toe-to-toe against Zermatt Neo, the personal trainer who made headlines after wolfing down 4kg of chicken rice in one sitting, in an eating contest.

Stomper reiggub came across the contest which was held at an outlet of Killiney in Purvis Street recently.

He realised what the contest was for after seeing a YouTube video of 28-year-old Zermatt taking on Steven, CLEO It Girl and blogger Shona Woo and two Kayaloti-ers.

In case you are wondering, they were not competing against each other individually. Instead, Zermatt took them on in a one-versus-four battle.

The challenge was to eat as many kaya loti slices as possible within a stipulated time limit.

Zermatt, who despite being a personal trainer, has a penchant for eating contests and has won other challenges before.

Steven made headlines when he stripped to his underwear during his Singapore Idol audition back in 2004.

Stomp recently interviewed him to find out more about his personal side and how he handles negative comments, which you can watch at Realife.

He was up to his usual antics at the challenge, posing in a cape and trying hard to psyche himself up by being hyper.

However, he, Shona and the two Kaya Loti-ers fell slightly short in the contest against Zermatt.

He won the challenge by eating 23 plates of kaya loti, as compared to the other team's 21 plates.

Watch the video of the challenge below.