S'pore man's Facebook account hacked by scammer who asks his family for money

Stomper Nathan's Facebook page was hacked yesterday (Jun 14) at around 3.18pm and messages were sent to his family members using his account to ask for money.

The Stomper was alerted to what happened by his sister who received a message via Facebook Messenger under the Stomper's name asking her to transfer $2,700 to an unknown POSB bank account.

The hacker also tried to contact Nathan's brother and cousin.

Said the Stomper with regards to what happened:

"My brother does not use Facebook Messenger so he did not reply when he was asked if he was online.

"My cousin was on the way to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur.

"In a message she received from my account, she was asked if she was still in Kuala Lumpur. Somehow the hacker knew she was there.

"She replied saying that she just passed the immigration checkpoint and did not reply thereafter as she was in the midst of switching SIM cards.

"I am planning to report what happened to the police.

"I have since changed my password and settings for my Facebook account."

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