S'pore guy wolfs down 4kg of chicken rice in one sitting

YouTuber Zermatt Neo probably shocked the diners at Bukit Batok West when he ordered chicken rice -- 4kg of it.

Food League Singapore's Facebook page shared photos and a video of him achieving the feat of devouring the entire gigantic plate.

The video shows the preparation of his 4kg chicken rice at Block 395A Bukit Batok West Avenue 5. He takes 29 minutes 5 seconds to wolf it down.

According to AsiaOne, if you thought having an appetite for 10 plates of chicken rice was shocking, wait till you see what other types of food Zermatt has eaten in one sitting. 

Videos on his YouTube page show him wolfing down massive portions of various food items such as 150 sticks of satay, 100 gyozas, 55 bowls of noodles and 50 chicken wings.

And the most astonishing thing is that he completes most of these challenges within a 10 to 15-minute timeframe.

In one video, he even takes on what he calls an 'upsized version of the KFC mega bundle meal'. In this 10,316-calorie meal, he ate a total of 20 pieces of fried chicken, 8 cups of whipped potato, 12 egg tarts, 24 chicken nuggets and a large soda.

Despite all this eating, the competitive eater has managed to keep fit and appears to have a slim and toned physique.