Sorry in advance if you're going to throw up after seeing what diner found in his wanton mee

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Stomper Anonymous probably lost all his appetite after finding this disgusting creepy-crawlie in his lunch yesterday (Mar 9).

According to him, it was from a stall he frequents at Redhill Market.

He recounted:

"I went back and started eating my noodles I saw a huge cockroach in my plate.

"When I went back to the store, the uncle told me it was a chilli seed, but when he looked closer he got a shock as well.

"Instead of apologising, he even asked his staff why didn't they see when they scoop the chilli.

"He offered to swap a plate for me, and even asked if I wanted chilli. I'm sure the cockroach came from inside the chilli container (which he uses for everyone else)!"

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