Singaporean tourist found dead in Pattaya hotel room: Leaves note warning of 'dead body inside'

A Singaporean tourist was found dead in a Pattaya hotel today (March 9).

Stomper Fernan alerted Stomp to the news when it broke on Khaosod Online.

According to the Bangkok Post, the man's body was found inside the hotel room's bathroom with a knife beside him.

He had left a note outside the bathroom that read:

"Warning dead body inside. Sorry about the shock."

Stickboy Bangkok reports that his body was laid face up on the floor with a stab wound to his neck.

Farang Deaths has identified the Singaporean as Chris Stephen Naveen Rajit, 28.

He had rented the room for several days and was supposed to checkout today before noon.

When hotel staff called to remind him that he was due to check out, Rajit said he was packing and hung up the phone.

After failed attempts at trying to contact him, a hotel employee went up to check on him.

According to Thai Visa News, that a local investigating officer has concluded the cause of death as suicide as there was no sign of a struggle or forced entry into the room.

His body has been sent to hospital for autopsy and the police are working with officials from the Singaporean embassy.