Sexist passenger who judged female driver gets 'owned' in epic prank

Next time you see a female driver, don't judge -- or at least one sexist passenger won't ever dare to again.

Malaysian YouTube channel pranked their friends in Kuala Lumpur by having their regular chauffeurs call in sick and replacing them with a professional driver.

They got Christy Louis, a professional racer, musician and fashion model. 

When the passengers got into the car, one was clearly unhappy. 

"For God's sake they got me a female driver," he ranted to someone on the phone.

Another guy said she "looked like she should be modelling somewhere" -- at least that's a compliment on her looks, despite being judgmental. 

Three ladies who also got on were not particularly nice either, even if they were not being sexist. 

"We paid you to drive, just do it," one snorted.

However, Christy got the revenge of her life and taught a lesson to everyone who judges a book by its cover.


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