Serving NS is a 'torture' -- but I love this 'canteen goddess' at Mandai Hill Camp

Stomper J is smitten with a 'goddess' who is working at Mandai Hill Camp's canteen and would like to confess his love to her.

J said that her attractions lies not just within her appearance, but also because she has a beautiful and down-to-earth personality.

He has written this confession expressing his love, in hopes of getting to know her better:

"You will be surprised to see a chiobu working in the canteen in Mandai Hill Camp, who has everyone lining up for seconds.

"The girl named Angel works in the canteen together with her brother, a sociable, kind and joker man and her caring mom. It is believed to be their family business.

"With the increasing number of her admirers, it has been hard to find a chance to chat with her or ask for her number.

"She has been named 'Canteen Goddess' in the camp. Her true attraction lies not only in her appearance, but also in her friendly, earnest, down to earth and hardworking personality.

"She is not just good at making coffee and tea, but also her homemade waffles which are always selling fast.

"I believe her boyfriend-to-be, whoever he is, will be very fortunate and blessed to have a sweet and simple girl like her.

"Here my confession to Angel:

"When I first met you, I couldn't stop myself from seeing you time after time. Your face was black, but after gradually knowing you longer, you smiled and even exchange greetings.

"You are so attractive, cute, hardworking blur and kind. You are so different from other girls in the world. A girl who is not bothered by sweat or people calling you 'aunty' at times.

"Most importantly, you are pretty when you let down your beautiful hair and a girl who do not put on makeup and wear simple clothing to work.

"That smile of yours is so sweet and beautiful that it melts every guy heart. I'm surprised to see different races, ages, camps and units of guys going up to you to chat and ask for your number, not just one but many!

"Sadly, they were rejected by you, and so was I.

"Regardless of race and rank, you would smile and even show short concern for them.

"I will wait for you and I want you. Please don't ignore me like those rejected guys in your list (not sure if you know who am I). I may not be perfect but my love for you is real.

"I recently saw you troubled, I was distracted and wanted to share your troubles with you but never had the chance, due to your admirers crowding at your stall all the time. I am jealous when guys talk to you and want your number.

"I am contented with even just seeing you for minutes and I want you to be happy. I hope to meet you out one day, I'm sure you will be even more prettier and attractive.

"Knowing you has been my greatest blessing in life even though serving NS is a torture. You're truly an beautiful and wonderful girl in the world. I LOVE YOU!"

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