Serial cat deaths, then bat carcasses and now dead squirrel -- all in Yishun, Lentor area

Stomper MissDreamful was saddened to find a dead squirrel opposite Block 816 in Yishun yesterday morning (June 4) at around 7.45am.

Photos she sent in show the animal lying face down on the ground.

MissDreamful said:

"A dead squirrel was found at a bus stop 59729, opposite Yishun Block 816, on June 4 at 7.45am.

"Had no idea how the squirrel died. Poor squirrel." 

Just days ago on Friday (June 2), Stomper Mitch had discovered the carcasses of more than 10 bats at Lentor Avenue.

The cause of the deaths is unclear.

Yishun has also been plagued by a seemingly ongoing string of cat deaths since September 2015.