Policeman who 'kena saman' at Geylang: Stomper says they had permission to park by the road


Stomper told Stomp via Facebook that the policeman who parked a patrol car by the road on a double-yellow line at Geylang had been granted permission to do so by the Land Transport Authority (LTA). 

According to a photo sent by the Stomper, the police car had a sign reading "On official duty. Parking permitted by LTA" displayed at the rear of the vehicle.

It is not known why the police officer was still issued with a parking offence notice.

Original article:

Stomper Guangming saw a police car getting 'saman-ed' at Geylang on the second day of the Lunar New Year (Feb 9).

According to the Stomper, the car was parked on a double-yellow line near Geylang Lorong 9. 

It is unclear why the policemen stopped their vehicles there but the Stomper speculated that it may because there were no parking lots in the vicinity.