Passenger says he will transfer remaining fare to cabby's account -- but it’s been more than a week and he still hasn’t paid

Stomper Ken, a cab driver was annoyed when a passenger who had boarded his taxi at HarbourFront at about 6.20am on Dec 24 refused to pay him the remaining cab fare of $9.50.

According to the Stomper, the passenger and his female friend travelled to Serangoon Avenue 1 and later to Lorong Ah Soo.

The cab fare totaled to $25.50 and when the female passenger alighted she handed the taxi driver $10 and told him that her friend would pay the remaining fare.

However, once they reached his destination, the male passenger realised that he only had $6.

“After the $16 deduction, he still needed to pay me $9.50. He then tried to pay by NETS and we tried for 15 minutes but the transaction failed.

“So I told him to pay me whatever he could and he handed me the $6 that he had.

“I told him that he could transfer me the remaining amount and he gave me his handphone number”, Ken said in a phone interview with Stomp.

However, days passed and Ken still has not received the remaining cab fare.

Ken told Stomp that he messaged the passenger several times but he kept pushing back the payment.

“He keeps telling that he would pay but still has not. I just keep messaging him and that night I already told him that I don’t like passengers bullying cabbies and that’s what he’s doing, he said.

Ken added that he thinks that the passenger’s female friend knew that her friend did not have enough money and that is why she paid him earlier.

Ken said: “The passenger was also very arrogant throughout the journey. He kept talking about himself and said he was getting a scholarship and all that but he can’t pay me my money?”