Onlookers try to help man perched on top of traffic light in China -- but make everything worse

When it comes to matters of life and death, perhaps it is better to leave things to the professionals instead.

A man in distressed had climbed up a 10-metre-tall traffic light post in Changsha last Tuesday (May 27), but was dissuaded from his suicide attempt and taken away by police.

However, he later climbed back up the post and remained there for four hours, reports Shanghaiist.

Since rescuers had already blown up an inflatable underneath the traffic light, passers-by who had only good intentions thought that they could simply prod the man off his perch and into the cushion below.

Hence, they started hitting the man with a three-metre-long plastic pole when a broom failed to do the job.

Police officers watched on as the man, now annoyed, gave a leap and fell... beside the inflatable cushion and onto the hard ground.

The man was sent to the hospital in critical condition and the 'kind souls' are currently under investigation.