New bus stop in Singapore?

Stomper Chanllene spotted a very peculiar Bus 106 parked at Bukit Batok Bus Interchange at about 9pm last Friday (Jun 3).

The bus, instead of displaying the usual route it takes from the interchange towards Shenton Way, showed a location called 'Wong Tai Sin', which is not the name of any destination nor area in Singapore.

Strangely enough, another bus that is also numbered 106, but in Hong Kong, does travel to a place called the 'Wong Tai Sin' temple.

The Wong Tai Sin temple is one of Hong Kong's most famous tourist attractions. It is dedicated to the famous Taoist deity, Wong Tai Sin, and is famed for answering prayers from those who visit the temple. 

Stomper chanllene said:

"This bus numbered 106, which was supposed to travel from the Bukit Batok interchange to Shenton Way, displayed 'Wong Tai Sin' on its screen.

"I was shocked to discover that there is a Bus 106 in Hong Kong that travels to a place called the Wong Tai Sin Bus Terminus.

"So what happened? Did this bus swim all the way from Hong Kong to Singapore?"

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