Neighbour from hell turns common area into private 'chillax' corner for friends -- chatting and smoking till early morning

Stomper Vis is extremely frustrated with an inconsiderate neighbour who has been smoking and making noise at his HDB common area till the early hours of the morning for the past five years.

The Stomper wrote in an email to Stomp about how his neighbour has set up a 'chillax' corner outside his unit at Block 717 Jurong West Street 71.

His neighbour and his friends would regularly gather to hang out and smoke there, making it a potential fire hazard.

They also drilled holes in the common area's ceiling to hang their clothes and even hold barbecues with the smoke penetrating neighbouring units.

He wrote:

"My neighbours' son has been disturbing us for more than five years.

"The parents are ok, just that their son, who is around 30-years-old, has an attitude and does not seem to listen to his own parents' advice too.

"He likes to invite his group of friends, more than five, to sit outside his unit's common area which comprises of five sofas, chairs and table.

"They will continue to make noise until they're happy, then leave.

"When they know that we are the ones who called the police, they will gather the next day and stare at us on our way home.

"I have approached them before but the group of them seemed like they were going to fight, my parents feel threatened and bullied.

"We have made complaints to the SPF, SCDF, NEA, LTA, HDB, Nanyang/Choa Chu Kang Town Council and our MP but it seems like nothing has worked.

"The room where my mother sleeps is just a wall beside them so all the noise and smoke smells they create has greatly affected her sleeping routine.

"My mother has to get up at 6am in the morning so all this disturbance has heavily affected her mood and mental stress for many years.

"We have gathered evidence of their noise on camera through the years and wish to know what action can be done to stop this very inconsiderate neighbour.

"We just want peace, not war, but he just does not give a d**n and gives us a look.