Mother of 5-year-old freaks out after young guy follows her from Rex Cinema to Nicoll Highway MRT Station

Stomper who was walking from Rex Cinema to Nicoll Highway MRT station got creeped out when she noticed a young man following her on Friday night (June 3).

She had left her 5-year-old daughter at Suntec City's The Polliwogs, a children's playground, and left the cinema midway through the movie at 9.15pm to pick her daughter and helper up before the playground closed.

While walking to the MRT station, she began to feel scared when a young man she guessed to be between 18 to 20 years old started following her at an uncomfortably close distance.

Said the Stomper:

"I felt someone just two inches behind me and I turned back.

"The person stumbled and started walking ahead of me so I thought he was just another person walking in the same direction.

"Then, this guy looked back as if to see if I was coming while talking on the phone

"At this point, I stopped and looked at this person carefully.

"He then started to walk and take the stairs that leads to Nicoll Highway MRT Station.

"I felt scared, but I took the escalator after few moments and looked back suspiciously.

"The young man then climbed down the stairs and took the escalator to follow me.

"By then, I was sure that he was a stalker and managed to take one picture but he turned back so I couldn't capture his face.

"I started walking fast and looked for some help near the overhead bridge.

"I saw a man wearing an SMRT uniform and approached him for help and told him I was feeling scared.

"Thankfully, he walked with me and asked me what was wrong.

"I showed him the picture and we both saw the guy coming towards us but he quickly turned back and walked away after seeing that I was with someone.

"I want to thank the SMRT staff for escorting me to the station."

The Stomper also wanted to give a reminder to everyone not to be too fixated on our mobile phones and look out for suspicious people around us.

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