Men exchange blows at Jurong car workshop -- and woman even uses umbrella to hit mechanic

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Mechanics at a repair shop in Jurong were seen trading blows with customers during a heated argument on Wednesday (May 25). 

Stomper Ngan witnessed the scene, and sent in videos taken by one of the workers to Stomp.

Stomper Chiau Wee also alerted Stomp to the incident.

According to the Stomper, the incident occurred at 'Fix It Auto', a car workshop along Soon Lee Street during lunch time. 

It is unclear what escalated the disagreement, but Ngan says that the fight was due to a parking lot dispute, and that someone's car had been blocked. 

In the clip, the parties involved can be heard spewing Hokkien vulgarities at each other.

The woman yells, "You think I am scared of you?" after hitting the man -- in a 'Fix It Auto' shirt -- with her umbrella.

"This is Singapore okay! What the **** are you saying?" she adds.

The men continue to trade blows, and one in a business shirt even pushes the mechanic to the ground.

The mechanic asks, "Who is he?"

Another man replies, "Your boss hor, who pay you you also don't know."

Malaysian social media channels that shared the video pleaded for Singaporeans to not "bully Malaysian workers". 

A caption read, "We Malaysians came to work hard in Singapore and it's already not easy!"