Man suspected to have stolen dogs for food in China savagely beaten to death by villagers

A man in Guangxi, China, was savagely beaten to death after he and an accomplice reportedly tried to steal dogs at a village on Dec 13. 

According to Shanghaiist, both men were stripped of their shirts and jackets and their hands were bound behind their backs after they were caught.

A crossbow was then used by villagers to beat them. 

In one of the photos, heaps of salt can also seen on the wounds of one of the men lying on the ground. 

Paramedics arrived at the scene after the men's harrowing ordeal but only managed to save the life one of the victims. 

The village is located in a region of China that has a tradition of eating dog meat.

The villagers reportedly acted on the belief that the men were trying to steal their dogs to eat them.

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