Man offers to massage 18-year-old male student -- then pulls down his pants and grabs his private parts

Amir Hussain
The Straits Times
28 April 2016

A 63-year-old man offered to massage a male teenager in his home, and then pulled down the latter's shorts twice and molested him.

On Thursday (April 28), Wong Cheung Pok, whose occupation is not known, was jailed for seven months after he pleaded guilty to molesting the 18-year-old student on April 5 last year.

A district court heard that Wong met the victim while they were taking a bus home on April 4 last year, at about 11.30 pm. They were acquainted through a church, which both previously attended.

As they had not seen each other since 2014, the two had a conversation before alighting at a stop.

Wong then invited the victim up to his flat, and the pair continued talking in Wong's bedroom. Shortly after, Wong offered to massage the victim on his bed.

At about 12.20am, Wong massaged his legs, from his feet up to this thighs and buttocks area. He then told the teen to remove his shorts, so that he could better massage the student.

The victim felt uncomfortable and was reluctant to do so. He told Wong there was no need to do so, the court heard.

But Wong insisted and pulled down the victim's shorts, exposing his buttocks. The teen then pulled his shorts back up, but Wong yanked it down again before massaging the victim's buttocks.

Wong then asked the victim to turn over. The student used his T-shirt to cover his exposed groin area, but Wong told him there was no need to do so.

Wong massaged the victim's legs up to his groin area, as he lay face-up on the bed, and then squeezed the teen's private parts.

When the student tried to cover his groin area with his hands, Wong pushed the victim's hands away.

The molester then posed sexual questions to the teen, who did not reply.

The student eventually pulled up his shorts up and left Wong's flat at about 12.30am.

Feeling humiliated, he told his mother about what happened. She called the police at about 1.50am. Wong was arrested the next day.

Deputy Public Prosecutor James Chew called for nine months' jail, while defence lawyer Loh Kia Meng asked for four months' in prison.

In passing sentence, District Judge Samuel Chua noted the victim was a student, but there was no evidence that he was physically or psychologically vulnerable.

Wong was also not in a position of power over the victim, who had allowed him to perform the massage, even though they were just acquainted, he judge said.

And Wong did not restrain or prevent the victim from leaving his flat, nor threaten him.

Wong, who was convicted of a similar charge 17 years ago, could have been jailed for two years and fined.

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