Man force-feeds crying baby, then hits him with hanger and curses when he refuses to eat

A video circulating on Facebook shows a man force-feeding, cursing at and hitting a baby.

The video published by Thelocalsociety first shows a crying baby seated on an armchair.

A man then started shouting at the baby, instructing him to eat his food. 

When the baby refused, the man hit him on the foot several times with a plastic hanger and proceeded to spew vulgaritites.

The man continued forcing the distressed baby to eat and hitting him when he did not follow instructions.

At one point, the man forced a spoonful of what looked to be rice into the baby's mouth. The baby spat out the rice and started coughing. 

Instead of stopping, the man continued trying to get the baby to finish the food.

At the end of the video, the man turned to the camera and said in Mandarin:

"This is your doing", followed by a line of vulgarities.

A representative from the Ministry of Social and Family Development has left a comment on the video requesting for information regarding the incident.

Kindly write in to us at if you have details about what happened.

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