Man finds bicoloured lizard in Buangkok -- then makes even freakier find on Carousell

Submitted by: Stomper Lau Lap
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Stomper Lau Lup was surprised to find an exotic-looking lizard on a tree in Buangkok yesterday afternoon (Mar 22).

He was even more intrigued when he came across someone selling a lizard that appeared to have 'two tails' on online marketplace Carousell.

Said the Stomper:

"On Tuesday (22 March) I was going back to my office in the afternoon, when I saw this strange lizard on a tree.

"The head and upper half of its body is orange in colour, while the lower half is dirty green with its long tail marked with black bands. The lizard looks exotic.

"I was surprised to see such a weird lizard near the narrow strip of greenery dividing the pedestrian lane from the bicycle lane.

"I went home with the strange lizard still on my mind. I habitually went to Carousell after dinner and casually typed the word 'lizard' in its search engine.

"I was surprised to come across a seller intending to sell a freakish dead lizard with two tails he had caught in Singapore.

"He had intended to sell it for $188. He claimed to have caught this freakish looking lizard by chanting!

"I marvelled at the unique creatures that live amongst us in Singapore. Hope to share both my terrestrial and cyber find to fellow readers."