Love durians? Watch the disgusting way this Malaysian seller wraps your favourite fruit

Durian season is here again and Singaporeans will be flocking to durian stalls everywhere to get their fix for the king of fruits.

Not to burst your bubble but after watching this video, you may not be rushing to get some of that sweet yellow flesh.

Stomper Thomas shared with Stomp a video of a durian seller packaging durians that will make your stomach turn.

It is unclear where the video was taken but it has made its round on the internet and social media.

Before placing the clingwrap over the fruit, he appears to spit on the durians first.

He does this not once, but for every packet he wraps.

Said the Stomper:

"I do not know the source and whether this happened in Singapore or elsewhere.

"Nevertheless, I would like to share my concern and if this culprit is in Singapore, let's hope someone can identify him and report him to the Police."

Watch the video below.