Look how close this young woman at Woodlands Ave 4 comes to being knocked down while recklessly running across road

A video circulating on Facebook shows a young woman nearly getting hit by a car along Woodlands Avenue 4 after she recklessly dashed across the road.

According to Roads.sg, the incident took place on May 16 at 6.55am.

In the video that was captured by a dashboard camera, the driver who recorded what happened can be first seen travelling on a two-lane road.

The young woman who was standing on the road divider then appeared out of the blue and recklessly dashed across the road.

The driver jammed on his brakes immediately to avoid a collision and sounded his horn. 

It is unclear what happened thereafter.

Said the driver in a caption accompanying the video:

"Thank goodness, I was alert and missed hitting her by 2 feet (60cm).

"Parents please teach your children never to run across roads and to stop and look right, left and right again before crossing."

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