Kind-hearted guy rescues baby myna left to fend for itself outside Buona Vista condo apartment

Kind-hearted Stomper SMST came to the rescue of an abandoned baby mynah left in a box with bread and rice scattered in it at Normanton Park condominium located in Buona Vista yesterday (May 18).

He first came across the myna when he came down the stairs and found the box it was in and a sign that read: "Please do not throw this baby bird inside. Please be kind to baby bird."

He found it odd that the person would go through the trouble to do this but leave the bird outside the home with some bread and rice that it could not possibly feed itself with.

When he saw that the bird was still there after returning later in the day, he decided to speak to the owner.

Said the Stomper:

"Whoever put the baby bird there needs to feed it personally instead of just placing bread and rice in the box with it.

"The bird would not be able to eat it by itself.

"I told the homeowner this and she explained that she had rescued the bird from downstairs, afraid it would be eaten by a cat.

"However, she did not bring it inside her home because she had a sick person living with her and was worried about hygiene.

"I told her that the baby mynah could still be eaten by a cat being left outside like that.

"Also, the food left in the box had attracted ants.

"I asked for her permission to take the myna to look after it and she agreed."

SMST told Stomp that he had pet birds of his own and had experience looking after birds from when they were babies to adults.

He said: "It is safe in my home now."