Kids destroy glass sculpture at Shanghai museum -- and parents just film it

You know what they say, there are no bad children, only bad parents.

An artwork on display at the Shanghai Museum of Glass was destroyed by two boisterous children, and their mother did nothing to stop them.

A surveillance footage by CCTV News on May 21 shows the woman filming her kids with her mobile phone while they went beyond the barrier to play with the exhibit.

The duo is seen jumping and bouncing and touching the sculpture in plain sight, until a part of it was yanked out. 

The exhibit is named “Angel Is Waiting”, and depicts a pair of wings made of glass. 

The piece had been intact since 2014 when it first debuted at the museum.

After the incident, the artist Shelly Xue changed the name of the work to “Broken” and left it in its spoiled state on display, along with the clip of the incident.