Jem food court blow-up: Woman's behaviour might be nasty, but should deaf and mute cleaner wear a tag?

The incident involving a female diner who screamed at a deaf and mute cleaner as well as his manager sparked not only national outrage, but also an online witch hunt.

The woman, identified as a 37-year-old administrator and known as Mrs Feng, had gone into hysterics and started her angry tirade after the cleaner, Ah Xing, mistakenly cleared away her food.

Her behaviour was caught on camera and posted online as a Facebook video uploaded by user Euphemia Lee, which multiple Stompers alerted Stomp to.

Netizens criticised the woman and even tried to track her down online in attempts to expose her identity.

She was initially and mistakenly believed to be a member of Nee Soon Central Zone 1 RC -- a claim that has since been refuted by both the committee and Member of Parliament (MP) Dr Faishal Ibrahim.

Mrs Feng later came forward with her side of the story and tried to explain what happened that day on June 4.

"I told him 'don't take it away' three times but he did not hear me. Instead, he stared at me," she said, adding that she was having a flu that day and was not feeling well.

"I then scolded him and told him to go be a beggar -- I couldn't tell if he was disabled as he was not wearing a tag."

Insisting that she was not a 'bad or evil person', Mrs Feng also said she was not the only party at fault and called for Ah Xing to wear a tag so that customers would know that he is deaf and mute.

While Mrs Feng's actions were undeniably nasty, over-the-top and uncalled for as no one should be yelled at in such a manner, some feel that she also made a valid point about identifying disabled employees by having them wear a tag.

Could this situation have been avoided if Ah Xing had been wearing a tag? Should all disabled employees wear a tag to prevent similar incidents in the future?

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