Inspiring autistic youth proves that 'different doesn't mean disabled'

A woman whose son is diagnosed with autism posed the question: "What would happen if you hired somebody with Aspergers Syndrome?"

Her answer was, "you'd get an employee who is organised, time efficient, and doesn't stop until the task at hand has been completed".

Her post was accompanied by photos of her son sorting through a messy bin of chocolates and candy at a supermarket.

He diligently worked to organise the sweets into neat stacksĀ that would make any perfectionist's day.

The post got the attention of American news anchor Curt Autry who shared it on his own Facebook page and wrote:

"HONESTLY, I love this. It's a good reminder that no two people are hardwired the same way. Different doesn't mean disabled. If your company is hiring...#thinkaboutit #pleaseshare"