Homeowner shocked to find floor tiles cracking at HDB unit in Woodlands: 'It sounded like firecrackers going off'

Stomper Shawn was alarmed when he heard what sounded like firecrackers going off in the living room of his Woodlands HDB unit last night (May 14).

He had earlier heard sounds coming from below the sofa but had dismissed it as the sound of a lizard or a short circuit.

It was only later when he and his wife had gone to their bedroom did they hear the cracking.

When Shawn came out, he saw the tiles popping up by themselves.

Said the Stomper:

"At first I thought it was bamboo poles falling as it was very loud but when I came out I saw the tiles cracking and it looked like a mini earthquake had hit.

"I have been living at this flat for two years now and it's only 13 years old.

"When I bought it, it was listed as a 'premium apartment' in the valuation report but it seems like the contractor did a poor job.

"I have reported the incident to HDB and hope that they can suggest what I can do about this.

"I also hope that by putting this on Stomp, I can get suggestions or help for what I should do."