Guy who snatched shoes from Fernvale Link unit apologises to owner after seeing himself on Stomp

Update May 4, 11.30am:

The Stomper has accepted his neighbour's apology and said the latter has expressed remorse over his actions. Stomp will be protecting the identity of the Stomper's neighbour and removing the video of the incident.

Update 6.20pm: 

Stomper Kelvin shared that his neighbour has apologised for the incident without returning the shoes after seeing himself on a Stomp report. The Stomper says that he will be letting the matter go since they have apologised.

Update 2.30pm:

After this report was published, the alleged thief has written to Stomp asking for us to remove the article. He claims that he has settled all matters with the owner.

However, Stomp has clarified with Kelvin and he has assured us that no one has spoken to him about the case.

Original article:

A man was caught on camera stealing shoes from a unit at Block 468C Fernvale Link not once, but twice.

Stomper Kelvin sent Stomp the surveillance footage from his house.

Said the Stomper:

"This bare-footed man came by stairs instead of the elevator to steal shoes.

"He took a pair of shoes put them on, but realized that they didn't fit then left them at the lift lobby.

"He then came back for a second pair and left by the stairs.

Watch the video below.