Gross! Diner finds one of the dirtiest things ever in soup from 313@Somerset food court

Stomper Willis was appalled by what she found in her soup from a Korean stall at 313@Somerset's food court on Saturday (Dec 12).

It was a plaster and employees at the stall eventually gave Willis a refund.

Said the Stomper:

"I need to report on the plaster I found in my Korean beef soup which is served by the Korean Cuisine stall at 313@Somerset's Food Republic.

"When I found the plaster, I quickly returned the bowl of the soup to them and asked them for a refund.

"They returned me my money ($6.80). They also asked me to return them the receipt, and most importantly, not a single SORRY come out from their mouths.

"I then left Food Republic. Five minutes later, I decided to return to the stall and asked them to pass me back my receipt.

"The cashier rudely told me that she had already returned me my money and that she needed to keep the receipt.

"I forced her to give the receipt to me and told her I needed to take a photo of the receipt, which I did."