Foreigner working in S'pore for 9 years on exceptional cabby: 'I've never experienced this much kindness'

Stomper Daniel is touched by how a kind taxi driver went out of the way to help him when he had boarded a cab but forgotten his wallet.

Not only did he allow Daniel to pay the fare another time, the cabby even offered him $30 so that he would have money for lunch.

Daniel, who says that he has never experienced so much kindness during his nine years in Singapore, said:

"I had a very important meeting at 10am in Pioneer, so I booked a cab from Yishun.

"I was in a hurry and when I packed my things before leaving the house I didn't realise that I'd forgotten to bring my wallet, and only found out after I reached my destination.

"I told the taxi uncle that I didn't have my wallet with me and asked if I could transfer the money to his account, but since he didn't have the number with him, he told me that he would call me at night.

"He even offered to lend me S$30 as he was really worried that I didn't have money to buy my lunch.

"I've been working here as a foreigner for nine years and I've never experienced this much kindness.

"Although there are a lot of kind taxi drivers in Singapore, I feel that this uncle is exceptional and really went ahead of his way to help another person."

Daniel feels that the taxi driver deserves recognition and hopes that more people will follow in his footsteps of kindness.

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