Female staff from Ya Kun cafe personally visits customer's home -- to return lost purse

Stomper Christine and her mother were left frustrated after realising that the latter had lost her purse at Ya Kun Family Cafe at Sun Plaza yesterday (May 26).

However, kind souls cut their worries short when a customer stumbled upon the missing purse and passed it on to cafe staff.

A female employee from Ya Kun then went the even greater mile to make sure that Christine's mother got her purse back.

Said the Stomper:

"On Wednesday, my mum and I went to Sun Plaza to shop for stuff for our volunteer trip and had dinner at Ya Kun Family Cafe.

"With all the shopping bags in hand, my mum had unknowingly left her purse behind. We only discovered the loss yesterday evening (i.e. 24 hours later).

"Attempts to contact OCBC to terminate my mum's credit cards were in vain as they continued to put us on hold for more than 30 minutes before the line was cut-off.

"Amidst our frustration, a female staff from Ya Kun Family Cafe at Sun Plaza (Ms Ivy) knocked on our door.

"She told us that a female customer found my mum's purse and passed it to the them. As there was no contact number, the staff decided to make a trip to our home based on the address on my mum's NRIC.

"We are very grateful to the lady who returned the purse and we sincerely hope she will contact us so we can thank her personally. And many thanks to the staff at Ya Kun Family Cafe at Sun Plaza, especially Ms Ivy, for going beyond and excelling in their service."

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