Enjoy free durian feast, but pay $50 fine if you vomit in tour van

​Saturday, May 28, 2016

You can gorge on all the premium durians you want but if you throw up in the vehicle, you have to cough up $50 (RM$150) as penalty.

That could be a potential pricky issue for the two G Hotels in Penang as they have included it as a clause in their hotel package which offers a free durian buffet during a seasonal promotion in June and July.

A spokesman for G Hotel Gurney and G Hotel Kelawai told AsiaOne they had to impose the amount for cleaning a soiled tour van as it is owned by an external company, Starlimo.

But so far so good - no one had raised a stink.

None of the visitors puked in the vehicles after tours to a durian farm were introduced last year, she said, adding that the fee also applies to participants should they vomit during other types of tours.

The hotels had received "tremendous" response to the durian package, with Singaporeans and Indonesians making up the bulk of the customers, said the spokesman.

"There are many tourists visiting to Penang during the durian season and we've received a tremendous response to the durian package from guests who want to fly all the way to savour the King of Fruits," she said.

Those taking part in the durian tour are advised not to overeat if they anticipate that they might not feel well after that.

But the top-notch durian varieties available could be just too tempting for overseas fans who might not have such fresh, quality fruits available in their home country.

Subject to availability, they include the robust and bitter-sweet Mao Shan Wang (Cat Mountain King), the boozy and bitter XO, the full-flavoured Red Prawn (Udang Merah or Ang Hay) which lingers with a sweet after taste. Also available are the ever-popular D24 and D1, which exudes a milky taste.

The durian package is available to those who book a minimum two-night stay at either of the hotels. Applicable to both hotels, the promotion costs RM$550 (S$185) a night, excluding taxes for two persons. It includes a tour to farms, a durian buffet, and buffet breakfasts, among other things.

If you're thinking of taking up the deal, remember to bring your own 'sickness' bag as none would be provided.

Like many hotels in South-east Asia, guests are not allowed to bring the pungent fruit into the G hotels. But its kitchens can whip up durian desserts and pastries upon special requests, said the spokesman.

The hotels also cater to durian haters who might prefer other fruits grown in Penang. Hence they have concocted dishes like coconut tarts, mango and banana cakes, and papaya salads with shrimp paste.

Penang shrimp paste? That's another stink that rojak fans love.

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