Driver brakes abruptly at Newton Road -- causing two other vehicles to collide

A driver was knocked by a van after being forced to jam on the brakes when the car in front of her vehicle abruptly hit the brakes at a traffic junction at Newton Road.

The driver, Adelia Huang, shared clips of the incident on and Singapore Reckless Drivers.

The clip shows how she jammed on the brakes when the driver of SJT1548G hit the brakes abruptly.

She managed to stop in time, but a van behind her vehicle was unable to do so.

The van crashed into the car, but the vehicle that started the collision was unscathed.

Adelia hopes that the videos help in insurance claims.

Car-plate SJT1548G stopped while lights were green causing our car to make an emergency stop. Unfortunately the following car behind slammed into our car. Now we are stuck with this accident issue, hope this video clip will assist us in our TP report and insurance claims. Still feel that SJT1548G must be faulted in this accident.Adelia Huang

Posted by on Wednesday, April 6, 2016