Catch me if you can? 18-year-old pretends to be pilot on flight from Hong Kong to Penang

An 18-year-old boy attempted to impersonate a pilot on a flight from Hong Kong to Penang.

The teen, who claimed to have South African blood, took the flight dressed in a pilot's outfit on March 31, reports The Star via AsiaOne.

He was handed over to the Penang Immigration Department by the airline's staff after it was discovered he was not a pilot.

He had travelled on the business class of the flight dressed in a white shirt with shoulder epaulettes, black long pants and a black necktie.

He also carried luggage tags and a lanyard with the airline company's logos of the flight he took.

He had reportedly told the crew that he had just completed a flight from San Francisco and wanted to speak to the pilot after touching down in Penang.

The flight attendants suspected something when he ordered a Bloody Mary cocktail as alcoholic drinks are prohibited by the airlines for cabin crew and pilots on duty.

Their suspicions grew when the youth could not provide identification documents for confirmation or provide an official staff number and pilot identification number.

He was barred from getting near the cockpit and handed over to Immigration officers once the flight had reached Penang before being deported to Hong Kong on April 2 for violating conditions to entering Penang.

He later confessed that he was not a pilot and that his uniform and accessories used to belong to his stepfather who he claimed was a pilot with the airlines.

Hong Kong media had reported photos of the youth riding the train in a pilot uniform last December.

Netizens had expressed doubt then about whether he was a real pilot and that his uniform was a bad imitation.