Can drive Audi but cannot pay for parking? Watch how young driver tailgates Stomper past Punggol carpark gantry

Stomper Jimmy was leaving a multi-storey carpark near Punggol Block 213 last week when a driver of an Audi tailgated his car as he passed the gantry.

In a video captured by a dashboard camera in the Stomper's car, the driver of the white-coloured Audi can be seen waiting for at the base of a ramp in the carpark.

After Jimmy reached the bottom of the ramp, the driver then started his vehicle and tailgated the Stomper as he left the carpark, thereby avoiding the need to pay for parking.

Said Jimmy with regards to what happened:

"I think the car model was an Audi A4.

"The driver was male and looked to be in his 20s or 30s."

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