'Beauty in the rain': Netizens praise Chinese shopkeeper who stopped passers-by from falling into manhole during flood

Southern China has been hit by floods recently after a bout of rainy weather.

In Jingjiang City, Fujian province, the storms were enough to carry away manhole covers.

According to Shanghaiist, a kind-hearted shopkeeper came out in the rain to guard the uncovered manholes and warn passers-by from accidentally falling into them.

At one point, she almost slipped into one of them herself but was fortunately, rescued by a street cleaner.

Her photos have circulated online and become viral with netizens praising her and even calling her "the beauty in the rain".

One netizen wrote:

"Good Samaritans are the best! If it were me in that situation, I'm not sure if I could have done what she did."

Another said:

"I am happy to live in a world with these kind of people."