Ang Mo Kio flat mates in huge row after woman uses toilet for more than four hours every morning

Tenants in an Ang Mo Kio flats are in a heated dispute -- which all started with one woman hogging the toilet for four hours every morning.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, 51-year-old Ms Huang first started living in one flat at Block 215 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 for eight months.

After falling out with her flat mate, she then moved to a flat just next door -- where she also fell out with the second flat mate after just three months.

The Chinese newspaper reports that Ms Huang would lock herself in the toilet every morning for four hours.

She would turn off the lights and proceed to take her time in there, cutting her dead skin.

Even when her flat mates needed to urgently use the toilet, she refused to listen to them. 

Reporters talked to Mrs Tan, a tenant from Ms Huang's first flat.

She said in Mandarin:

"In the eight months she lived with us, she would lock herself in the toilet to shower for four hours.

"When I asked her, she said she was cutting her dead skin.

"When any of us want to use the toilet in the middle of the night, Ms Huang seemed to be using the toilet as well. 

"We urgently had to pee, but she refused to budge. After eight months we cannot take it anymore and have asked her to leave."

Ms Huang then went online to look for a room to rent, and realised there was one just next to her current unit.

The other tenant next door, 28-year-old Ms Wu, said:

"Ms Huang comes home at 12pm every afternoon, she will then sleep for two hours, then wake up to shower. 

"She will shower for at least two hours."

Ms Huang explained herself to reporters, "My skin condition is not very good, I have a lot of dead skin and need one or two hours to get rid of them."

As a result of her flat mates' unhappiness, she demanded to move out in three weeks and asked for her deposit back. However, Ms Wu refused as she said that they had previously agreed to have one month's notice before moving out.

After getting into a heated argument about the deposit, Ms Huang called the police at 2am. 

Police stayed at the scene for more than an hour trying to resolve the issue. 

Later that night, Ms Huang called the police yet again, when she and Ms Wu went downstairs to speak to the flat owner.

The flat owner had no choice but to relent and return her $450, which included a $350 deposit and a $100 maintenance fee. 

Ms Wu said: 'Ms Huang previously spoilt the living room fan and the toilet's flush and said she would pay, but now she is leaving and asking for her maintenance fee back."

According to reports, Ms Huang first moved out to stay on her own after quarrelling with her family.

Due to differences with people she was living with, she has moved in and out of houses a total of twelve times in just two years.

"My flat mates are all very noisy," she complained. 

"I am tired of moving, I have applied for a two-room HDB and will move there when it is ready. There will be less problems when I live by myself."

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