Amazing photos captured at the most perfect moments -- by Stompers like you

Sometimes, a perfect photograph isn't about having a trained eye or expensive equipment, but about being at the right place at the right time.

Stompers have proven just that by sharing these great shots, which Stomp featured on its Instagram account.

Here are some of our favourite photos:

1. If a picture speaks a thousands words, then this one from Stomper Peanuterfly said millions

Anyone can take a selfie with animals, but Stomper Peanuterfly got this priceless shot of an orangutan staring at him instead of the camera.

Animals and humans might speak different languages, but this photo shows the powerful bond and understanding that we share.

2. Stomper Helen spotted this unusual-looking creature on a tree

We share our beautiful Earth with millions of other creatures, some of which we do not even know they exist.

Do leave a comment if you know what animal this is!

3. For Stomper Lau Lup, the rain was not only a great respite but also a fantastic photo opportunity

Lau Lup said: "Picture was taken after the heavy rain on April 9, outside Hougang Bus Interchange. I was relieved that it finally rained! These days, the weather has been so dry and humid! Hope for more rainy days to come."

There are so many beautiful things about this photo, such as the vibrant colours of the buildings, people going about their day, and the stunning reflection seen in water puddles on the ground.

4. The flashy ride that Stomper BL came across

How often do you see a shiny-looking, purple Maserati?

Not even once before, for some of us... until Stomper BL shared this cool photo that he took at Changi Airport Terminal 3's carpark.

5. A sunset that lasted moments -- but will now live on forever thanks to Stomper Kannan

Missed this breath-taking sunset on the evening of April 2? Not to worry, as these impressive images taken by Stomper Kannan are almost like looking at the real thing.

Kannan, who took the photos with Causeway Point in the foreground, said: "Though it is a not a rare sight, the bright orange hue of the sunset's unobstructed view was breathtaking and splendid."

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