7.5m long, 250kg python found in Penang -- but not before laying an egg

A 7.5m long, 250kg python found in Penang recently is said to have died.

However, the python, believed the largest and longest python caught so far in Penang, had laid an egg a day before it passed away, reports The Star.

The snake drew international attention shortly after it was caught at a flyover that was being built in Pengang after workers spotted it.

Six personnel were deployed to catch the reptile that was found under a fallen tree approximately 100m from the nearest road.

The python could be the longest snake ever caught, pending verification by the Guinness Book of World Records, reports My Paper.

The current record holder is Medusa, also a reticulated python. She was measured at 7.67m in 2011 and reportedly weighed 158.8kg.

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