UOB apologises for typos on plaque after FB user posts photo online

United Overseas Bank (UOB) has apologised for typos on a plaque that accompanied a diamond-embellished card after Facebook user Mick Price uploaded a photo of it online. 

The text displayed on the plaque read, “For those who value exclusivity in it's most extinguished form”.

According to Mick, the UOB Reserve metal card was launched for selected customers who charge more than S$1 million to their cards annually.

However, he added:

“They should have employed a better copywriter to “extinguish” themselves from the competition!”

His post has since gone viral, with over 4,040 shares and 3,000 likes at the time of publishing this article.

Eagle-eyed netizens also spotted another grammatical error on the plaque.

The “it’s” in the sentence should have been an “its”. 

Said a Facebook user:

“Also not so sure about the apostrophe used for the ‘It’s”. Hmmm…”

Another netizen commented:

“I don’t want to belong to that “extinguished” club. It’s dangerous.”

The bank told The Straits Times that the “extinguished” used in the sentence should have been “distinguished” instead.

The head of cards and payments at UOB Singapore, Ms Choo Wan Sim, said:

“The promotional text that was printed only for a table display at a private event last night had been overlooked during our clearance process.

“We are sorry and will not let this happen again.”