'Untrained' men struggle to nab stubborn python at Choa Chu Kang block

Submitted by Stomper Hayu

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Two men were spotted struggling with a python at Block 484C in Choa Chu Kang on Nov 2 at around 10pm.

Stomper Hayu, who witnessed the incident, described the hour-long struggle:

"The snake was hiding in the drain. It only came out after one of the two men sprayed some kind of liquid into the drain."

Upon seeing the snake, she exclaimed, "It was huge! Like about 2 meters long at least."

"They tried to put the snake in the bag initially but they failed. The head of the snake was biting on the sack and would not let go."

She added, "I think the guy wearing bermudas is actually a passer-by who was helping the hold the sack." 

"In fact, the guy that same guy got bitten by the snake."

Kalai Vanan Balakrishnan, Deputy Chief Executive of Animal Concerns Research and Society (ACRES), clarified that the men were not from ACRES. 

"We have a uniform and don't rescue in shorts," said Kalai who also described the men handling the snake as "completely untrained".

Should you encounter a snake, this is what ACRES suggests you should do:

"Snakes like pythons are shy animals who will move away unless provoked. If you see a python, call us at 97837782. Keep a distance and monitor the snake's movement."

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